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Allsorts in Southwater is an Aladdin's cave of, well, all sorts of bits and pieces from sweets, toys and games to hardware stationery and household items. With plenty of free parking available, Allsorts is a great place to drop by for a few essentials and maybe a treat or two for the family.

Allsorts is proud to be part of LocalPuzzle.com - an initiative designed to level the playing field between the big chains and local independent businesses. To help support our cause, please or visit Allsorts and record your purchases by signing up here. Doing so will help level the playing field for Allsorts, raise money for community causes and you'll most likely earn cash back every month for helping out too! Today, we're offering 200 puzzle points for every pound you spend with Allsorts, up to a maximum of 15,000 points today.

Genuine Customer Feedback

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 Very friendly
25th Nov 2016 18:06
Like an Aladdin's cave, so much under one roof. 
22nd Nov 2016 16:52
Handy little local store for all essentials.
7th Nov 2016 17:30
Far more than a sweet shop.  It is like an Aladdin's cave.  If you don't see it, the owner will often try to get it for you.
7th Nov 2016 10:05
Allsorts allsorts, just what it says on the ad.
10th Jul 2016 11:13
amazing selection of sweets, friendly service. Fabulous local shop.
22nd May 2016 09:36
Fantastic shop with every little nick nack you might need for around the house
29th Apr 2016 13:32
Variety of bits and bobs inc Stationery, DIY, toys, travel accessories & sweets
22nd Apr 2016 14:44
Interesting little store full of handy bits and bobs 
22nd Apr 2016 10:20
great local shop full of loads of useful bits and pieces
20th Apr 2016 19:24
excellent local store 
13th Apr 2016 18:05
Handy little village shop
27th Mar 2016 13:42
This shop really does sell Allsorts! I purchased 2 flying dinosaurs and a plug! Great all round hardware, and really good service. 
2nd Mar 2016 16:56
Very handy store .... Will return!
28th Jan 2016 18:28
A handy little village store
19th Jan 2016 16:18
Fab shop, with a great selection of things you actually need - plus sweets!! What's not to like!
11th Jan 2016 17:47
so much choice, great little shop! 
19th Dec 2015 22:08
A fantastic shop - very friendly owner. Will definately go again.
19th Dec 2015 20:53
Fabulous little shop! Friendly chap too!
13th Dec 2015 22:38
Surprising what you can find in here!
2nd Dec 2015 20:31
Great shop with hundreds of essential everyday items
2nd Dec 2015 20:07
I love it in this shop. Very friendly and helpful.  Bought a great fountain pen for my daughter.......and some sweets for me!  just type your feedback then hit enter
28th Nov 2015 20:28
 A small shop selling so many different things.
24th Nov 2015 16:49
Great little shop
21st Nov 2015 10:11
this shop has everything you need in one place very friendly service 
19th Nov 2015 21:38
As the name says Allsorts there really is everything you could need Fabulous
2nd Nov 2015 18:37
Brilliant gem of a shop in Southwater. Has everything you could need in a hurry. Very friendly and welcoming owner
30th Oct 2015 17:45
 Greatt local shop in Southwater selling good wooden toys plus lots more. Also is good for those hardware bits and pieces you may need. 
30th Oct 2015 08:36
Loads of DIY bits at competitive prices 
27th Oct 2015 17:38
Good old fasioned sweets
24th Oct 2015 18:15
Something of everything, friendly greeting from staff.
16th Oct 2015 17:15
This shop has the perfect name as there are certainly 'allsorts' of goodies to be found here! Good choice of sweets and little gifts as well as a variety of stationery and household goods. Will shop here again!
15th Oct 2015 06:49
Great little shop which can save a trip into Horsham - plus free parking!
11th Oct 2015 12:40
 Great local store with a dejection of all the little things I hate going into town for! Thank you.
10th Oct 2015 14:58
great little shop with a very apt name!
27th Sep 2015 22:40
great place to buy many things - as its name suggests!! Friendly service too!
27th Sep 2015 22:33
I can imagine this place is really handy to Southwater locals. Seems to stock a little bit of everything!
27th Sep 2015 22:19
Lovely shop selling a mixture of bits and bobs. 
27th Sep 2015 22:07
Great shop
27th Sep 2015 21:25
Well the name says it all! Never seen such a range of products in such a small space. You come out with things you never thought you needed. Really friendly service too.
27th Sep 2015 17:47
I found bits and pieces for hanging my paintings, a new fastener for a lanyard and  sweets!!!!!  Good prices as well!!!!
27th Sep 2015 14:42
It really does sell all sorts! Great customer service.
26th Sep 2015 17:58
A really good range of small toys, books, stationery and sweets here. Plus friendly, helpful service!
26th Sep 2015 15:45
Great selection of DIY bits and much more.
26th Sep 2015 11:51
A great local place to go for the odd item you just need and a great range of traditional sweets to satisfy your sweet tooth.  Free parking is an added bonus.  Enjoy your visit.
23rd Sep 2015 18:02
Good selection of all sorts of things and very friendly. 
21st Sep 2015 14:08
nice little shop with all sorts of stuff
12th Sep 2015 23:25
 Good pocket money toy and sweets
12th Sep 2015 18:52
Great arrange of goods, they will probably have what you need!
24th Aug 2015 20:02
lovely little shop- really nice selection of childrens toys
24th Aug 2015 05:41
Good selection of hardware and useful DIY stuff.
18th Aug 2015 10:22
good general store with a wide selection of things 
3rd Aug 2015 07:22
Very interesting and varied shop in Southwater
29th Jul 2015 22:41
Great idea - sweets and ironmongery. A bloke's fantasy shop!
28th Jul 2015 17:16
Brilliant selection of "stuff" to cater for all needs
24th Jul 2015 16:20
lovely shop!
29th Jun 2015 10:28
So many different things in this shop- came out with loads more than I went in for- a real find,
25th Jun 2015 16:10
It's surprising what this little shop manages to stock. Lots of useful items at reasonable prices. Great for a local who doesn't want to traipse into Horsham for the odd DIY job, etc.
24th Jun 2015 12:41
 Good range of diy bits.
23rd Jun 2015 19:41
 Nice clean store with lots of bits and pieces
23rd Jun 2015 14:57
Lovely shop with a good selection. Friendly service.
18th Jun 2015 11:07
giod selection of gifts
17th Jun 2015 11:05
lovely shop to get sweets and very friendly staff
13th Jun 2015 20:03
I have always been impressed with the friendly and helpful service at Allsorts. Great range of toys and other items too, especially for party bag and stocking fillers.
12th Jun 2015 08:33
great selection of sweets for an after school treat
2nd Jun 2015 18:33
Lovely friendly shop
2nd Jun 2015 17:41
a well stocked little shop and Dave is a gent.
28th May 2015 18:30
great little shop
2nd Apr 2015 21:58
Nice little shop with lots to offer.
4th Dec 2014 09:35
Love this Shop. Great stop off after school plus great for stationery and home bits.
7th Nov 2014 17:59
Friendly service and an excellent selection of presents for children!
11th Oct 2014 14:52

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