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The Friendly Pet Nurse is the brainchild of Zoe Blake who after 22 years as a veterinary nurse, decided to make preventative health care for your pets more convenient than ever by visiting to your pets in their home and at a price that's often far cheaper than the vets - everyone wins!

We know that prevention is better than a cure but many of us let the essentials slip under the pressures of modern day living - when did you last brush your dog's teeth or clip your hamsters claws? Pets can't tell us they need maintenance, the first signs are often when they're feeling pain but certain long-term health problems lie un-detected until later stages in your pets life, but rather than focus on the doom and gloom, Zoe's love for animals will make routine pet care an enjoyable experience for your best friends. For Zoe's services and prices click here.

The Friendly Pet Nurse is proud to be part of LocalPuzzle.com - an initiative designed to level the playing field between the big chains and local independent businesses. To help support our cause, please or visit The Friendly Pet Nurse and record your purchases by signing up here. Doing so will help level the playing field for The Friendly Pet Nurse, raise money for community causes and you'll most likely earn cash back every month for helping out too! Today, we're offering 1,900 puzzle points for every pound you spend with The Friendly Pet Nurse, up to a maximum of 50,000 points today.

Genuine Customer Feedback

To leave feedback, please send a photo of your receipt (with your Smartphone for example) here.

Zoe is indeed very friendly and professional and provided our pets with great holiday care. We were greatly reassured by emails while we were away, which allowed us to fully relax, knowing that the animals were in good hands. We will definitely be using her services again and would highly recommend her!
13th Aug 2016 17:57
Very friendly, makes the pet feel comfortable and all for a great price!
22nd Oct 2015 16:47

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