The ethical shopping competition that levels the playing field for independent businesses

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LocalPuzzle is the ethical shopping competition that drives people to spend heavily with independent businesses, and your business can join today for free

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They climb up a leader board

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Then earn cash, paid by cheque

We fund the cash back from
our Premium Businesses and Advertisers

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Premium Businesses



We do lots more for you, and your customers too
and you don't need to lift a finger

  Bronze Membership
Silver Membership
Gold Membership
Extra Revenue Some extra Est. 7x more
than Bronze
Est. 15x more
than Bronze
Basic Listing      
Searchable Business      
Customer Feedback      
Market Intelligence      
Premium Listing      
Facebook Integration      
Twitter Support      
Spending Algorithm      
Email Marketing      
Online Sales      
Owners Interview      
Extra Points      
Setup Fee: £100
Then £100 for every
additional £1,000
in your till
Setup Fee: £450
Then £200 for every
additional £1,000
in your till

Frequently Asked Questions

How does your pricing work?

Our Bronze membership is completely free. For Silver membership we charge a one off set-up fee of £100 then £100 retrospectively for every additional £1,000 our shoppers spend with your business. We do not charge a fee when we have had zero positive influence on your customers spending this means we only charge a fee on money that you would not have otherwise earned from your customers.

How do you tell if the customers spending is genuinely extra?

We ask your customers how much influence we had on each of their purchases, this is then crosschecked with our behavioural analysis algorithms to produce a percentage which represents how much of your customers spend is considered 'additional' e.g. Joe spent £100 on Tuesday 14th, 30% of this was calculated as being 'additional' and as such Local Puzzle will charge £2.70 for that transaction - which can be overruled by you - the trader.

When do you charge your fees?

We charge our fees only after we have delivered you extra revenue, and at a frequency that you choose, so it's no-win no-fee. The exception to this rule is whereby we charge an upfront setup fee for our Silver and Gold memberships.

How credible are we / what's the catch?

This may seem to good to be true, it's natural to look for the catch, but there isn't one, and as such we've enjoyed a Regional Growth Grant and we're backed by communities across the UK. If you find a catch, let us know!

What is the minimum term contract?

Now that wouldn't be fair, so there's no minimum term contract at all, you can join / leave / upgrade / downgrade your account at any time.

How do we help level the playing field for independent businesses?

We increase your high value, loyal customer base and also use our collaborative buying power to offer you preferential trade prices from third parties for goods and services relating to your business.

How do I sign-up and run LocalPuzzle?

Just fill out the form at top of this page, and we'll take care of the rest then send you a dashboard from which you can monitor the results. There's nothing else for you to do, there's no hardware or training required for your staff. To experience the magic of LocalPuzzle from your customer's perspective, we recommend that you sign up as a 'shopper' too.