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Opening Hours

Monday to Sunday 10:00 to 18:00
Eclectic Games is Reading's only independent specialist retailer of board games, card games, hobby games and jigsaw puzzles. Their philosophy is handily summed up in their name - eclectic is defined as 'choosing the best from a wide variety of sources' and games as 'recreational activities with rules to determine a winner, played for fun'. Eclectic Games want to sell their customers the best games available, and make sure that they have fun playing them. They try to play every game stocked so that they can offer an informed opinion and knowledgeable advice, and will try their best to match customers up with the games that will best suit them individually. Eclectic Games would rather not sell you a game than sell you a game you won't like.

Eclectic Games is proud to be part of LocalPuzzle.com - an initiative designed to level the playing field between the big chains and local independent businesses. To help support our cause, please or visit Eclectic Games and record your purchases by signing up here. Doing so will help level the playing field for Eclectic Games, raise money for community causes and you'll most likely earn cash back every month for helping out too! Today, we're offering 2,000 puzzle points for every pound you spend with Eclectic Games, up to a maximum of 50,000 points today.

Genuine Customer Feedback

To leave feedback, please send a photo of your receipt (with your Smartphone for example) here.

Plenty games for all ages.
6th Jul 2014 22:03
Nice shop, good place to buy gifts. Refreshing to visit a shop that have a wider and more interesting range of games compared to the big multinational toy chains.
6th Jul 2014 22:00
A really nice little game shop that gave an impressive collection of games. A great place to find gifts as they have so many different puzzles and games. Only bought some play cards but I must admit that some of their chess boards looked tempting. Th
6th Jul 2014 19:09
I've walked past this place 100 times, but never been in. Wow! I never knew there were so many games like this....
4th Jul 2014 13:25

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